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3 Reasons Why You Should Try The Latest Cydalion Update

Navigation App Addresses Requested Features and Improvements

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The assistive navigation app Cydalion has its first major update since being released last November, addressing common requests from users. Nicknamed Lemnos – for the town in which the Greek figure of Cedalion lived – the release includes an overhaul on how Tango’s only navigation app runs on your device, as well as pricing.

Cydalion is a navigation app for Android that now runs in the backgroundCydalion Runs In The Background

You can navigate and benefit from Cydalion’s object detection while using your favorite Android apps. Use the notification controls to pause, resume, or close the application. Tap the omnipresent notification to bring the app to the foreground.

(Please note that while Cydalion is running in the background, other Tango apps may not function properly.)

Cydalion Is Now Free

Previously, Cydalion required an up-front purchase. Now, we are offering a free 7-day trial of Cydalion before asking for a monthly subscription fee. This will allow users to get a good feel for what Cydalion is like before committing to a purchase.

You Can Reset to Default Settings

Cydalion offers a number of customizable settings in order to accommodate people with a wide range of visual impairments. For users who might want to reset the app to its default settings, that option is now available.

Tango is a set of AR sensors and technology developed by Google

Other Changes and New Features

  • High and low object detection has been completely revised to provide better results for a wider range of device orientations.
  • Application memory usage has been reduced by over 60%, reducing the rate of battery usage and allowing more applications to run in tandem with Cydalion.
  • The Tango SDK has been updated to provide better and more accurate detection of obstacles.
  • Object detection has been redesigned to turn depth information into audio and visual feedback faster than before.
  • Idle mode sensitivity has been adjusted to reduce the amount of audio feedback received when a user does not need obstacle detection.
  • Application audio and haptic feedback continue while modifying the application settings, allowing users to try different configurations and hear the impact immediately.
  • The Settings screen now has an option to reverse audio feedback for when the device is rear-facing.

In addition, a number of bugs have been fixed in the latest version of Cydalion.

Download Cydalion 1.1 “Lemnos” today

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