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Well, we just returned from our trip to DevLearn 2017. At DevLearn there were many activities to experience and speakers to learn from, including many topics in the microlearning community. To learn more about the Multiple Microlearning Opportunities that were at DevLearn check out the link. That blog post outlines four main microlearning categories that were at DevLearn and give some examples of companies within those categories. It’s a great way to get familiar with the exhibitors and speakers that were at DevLearn.

Before the conference officially began, we attended and presented at Hyperdrive where speakers could pitch the latest and greatest of new technology. Chad Udell spoke on the Realities360 AR-Enabled Event App, taking home a win for Float’s innovative approach to event app design.

Our Morning Buzz session on open-source learning content tools was packed, too! In the true spirit of learning, we finally heard about this cool looking HTML5 tool, H5P. Not sure how we missed that, but we’re checking that out for future efforts.

Following that great kick off, and an energizing keynote by futurist Amy Webb,  Steve Richey, and Chad Udell spoke at the BYOL (bring your laptop) session on the Adapt authoring tool. If you would like to learn more about how to use the Adapt authoring tool, and what it could do for you, check out our blog post about Getting started with Adapt. This blog will break down the basics of the Adapt authoring tool if you missed the BYOL session where we taught attendees where to start with getting the system up and running.

Next, we attended Demofest, where Chad Udell and Steve Richey demonstrated the Realities360 AR-Enabled Event App to attendees. Demofest was a fantastic event with a lot of information on the newest technologies out there. Congrats to Chad Udell and Steve Richey for taking home ‘best mobile solution’ at Demofest with the Realities360 AR-Enabled Event App. We always love Demofest, but of course, it’s pretty nice to take home a trophy to recognize the Float team’s hard work.

Throughout the entire event, we talked with the hundreds of attendees who stopped by our booth to learn about our Microlearning Platform “Sparklearn.” 

DevLearn 2017 offered so many learning opportunities, and we cannot wait until DevLearn 2018! Viva Las Vegas!

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On October 30, 2017

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