SparkLearn is Now Connecting to Watershed

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Are you curious about the ways that you can use our innovative microlearning and performance support platform SparkLearn™ with other technologies in your learning ecosystem? Maybe you want to learn if SparkLearn could work for your company with platforms that you already use daily. Or do you want to learn what SparkLearn can do for your company?

The Watershed LRS team has laid out exactly how to connect SparkLearn and Watershed to work effectively & efficiently for your company. Watershed is committed to ensuring that their customers get the most out of their data. It’s a snap to start measuring your SparkLearn usage and engagement with their easy LRS.

Check out their post here.

SparkLearn is a microlearning platform intended to help your audience connect with content in meaningful ways. SparkLearn was made to efficiently manage, deliver and measure microlearning content for companies.  When combined with Watershed, SparkLearn can help analyze your data about favorited resources and interactions with xAPI and non-xAPI, even tracking data offline and syncing once connected.

Read more about SparkLearn here. You can also visit our informational website on SparkLearn, here.

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On December 1, 2017
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