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Augmented Reality Recap 2018

So, augmented reality is a hot new technology that is bridging the gap between real and virtual environments. (To learn more on AR and how it is affecting the learning industry read up on What Does AR for Learning Enable That Previously Wasn’t Possible? in a previous Float blog post by Gary Woodill.) Here at Float, we have been quietly busy with lots of activity in the AR Space. From articles to events these past few weeks, we’ve just been working hard on creating great products and expanding our messaging in the space. As we look towards this summer, we also have some more AR related events and content coming.

You may have seen the new April post where Steve Richey had an article published in the International Society Performance Improvement April 2018 publication. His report covered Utilizing Presence in Augmented-Reality Applications to Improve Learning Outcomes and examined how and why presence in augmented reality can improve learning outcomes for those using the applications. Learn more about the article and read it in a recent blog post of ours here.

Then, there was an in-depth report published by the eLearning Guild where Chad Udell was featured as a contributor with some suggestions about getting started on AR. Read the article here on the eLearning Guild’s website.

Most recently, on April 13th, 2018 Chad Udell spoke on Getting Strategic with AR/VR Efforts at a meeting hosted by the Professional Association for Computer Training in Minneapolis. The event was a fun learning-filled meeting all about augmented reality. The high turnout and lots of energy – even with an impending snow storm!

And as we look toward the future in June Float will be speaking and sponsoring Realities360 2018 in Orlando, FL from June 26th-28th. At Realities360 hear Chad Udell talk on When AR is More than AR, during the session key takeaways will be:

  • How AR can be augmented with computer vision and machine learning
  • Where AR, computer vision, and machine learning are being used outside the learning industry to significant effect
  • How to ideate solutions for closing performance gaps using computer vision and machine learning
  • What fundamental computer vision and machine learning tools are available

There are many AR related events and articles recently and were so excited to be sharing and learning along with everyone. Keep a lookout for more AR related content from us in the coming months and let us know if you are doing anything cool with AR currently!

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