4 Highlights from EYEO 2019

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Float’s Director of UI/UX, Evan Scronce, and UI/UX Designer, Matt Forcum, attended the 2019 EYEO Festival in Minneapolis, from June 3-6. The Festival prides itself on being a “gathering for the creative technology community” and a place to converge to inspire.” 

This year’s conference hosted 30 speakers whose sessions ranged from storytelling, art technology, and artificial intelligence, to astronomy, meditation, and circuit sculptures. Overall, Evan and Matt reported back to the Float Team that EYEO offered a valuable “design reset.” Here are four of their highlights from the Festival.

Amon Millner

Dr. Amon Millner is an Associate Professor of Computing and Innovation directing the Extending Access to STEM Empowerment (EASE) Lab. His research and instruction are informed by his work in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) domain, drawing from his specialization in developing tangible interactive systems for producing and learning. Millner was also the co-inventor of the Scratch programming language.

Matt and Evan were quite excited to report back about Millner’s work with Unruly Studios and their project, Unruly Splats. Splats are floor tiles that can be linked to a device and teach 1-7th graders how to code and make their own games. Check it out here.

Mike Tucker

Tucker is the Interactive Director for Magic Leap, which is a company focused on shaping the future of Spatial Computing. His profession explores the scope of interactive arts and music. With the help of musicians Sigur Rós, he recently launched Tónandi: an audiovisual experience for Magic Leap One. 

Check out their creation here.

Something that really resonated with our team was Tucker’s session discussing the evolution of website design. The webpages on the  Internet evolved from a fun, exploratory environment, to a cold, standardized web of information. “In the past, websites were playful and exploratory; fun,” Matt explained. “And that was something that Mike Tucker talked about how he hoped that one day, we could make the Internet fun again.”

Matt Zumwalt

Zumwalt has spent many years connecting diverse activities such as Buddhist philosophical study, meditation retreats, financing small companies, and crafting open-source software. His drive is to make workplaces more compassionate and a more positive environment. After spending some time with Protocol Labs and the blockchain boom, he has turned his focus on a meditation retreat.

Our team felt very refreshed by Zumwalt’s change in perception. 

Mohit Bhoite

Mohit Bhoite is the Senior Hardware Engineer at Particle, where he designs and builds their flagship IoT products. Bhoite dedicates his personal time to creating free-formed electronic sculptures out of brass. These sculptures are an artistic exploration into a world where circuits are freed from their two-dimensional limitations and made into a three-dimensional piece of art. The circuit paths become the body of the sculpture where their form follows the function. Check out some of his creations on Instagram.

Matt and Evan spoke highly of Bhoite’s skill and ability to create art from these circuit pieces and brass wire. “By bringing his work home with him and playing with it not as a means to an end, but as a medium for creating art, Mohit is creating new ways to appreciate what has become mundane and commonplace,” Matt said.

Regarding their experiences at the EYEO Festival, our team had this to say:

Evan: “Overall, EYEO was a nice, creative reset. It was refreshing not to have a tactical conference, but something creative. It gave me a change of expectations before going back to work.”

Matt: “EYEO gave me permission to play a bit and explore, and see what happens. Good things happen when you play around.”















Were you at the EYEO Festival? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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