Float mobilizes people, processes, and software in high-performing organizations through custom apps, digital strategy, and human-centered design.

Behind every great business are great people, and these people rely on easy-to-use products to help them do their jobs better. That’s how we’ve served our industry-leading clients since 2010 – by designing and building mobile products that help their workforce be more effective.

For example, we’ve helped sales reps increase their product knowledge through flashcard games. Additionally, retail associates have assisted customers with product locators. And, field operation technicians wearing smart glasses use augmented reality applications that translate foreign languages or recognize model numbers for equipment.

All of these are designed to increase performance and produce measurable results. That’s because we work from the outside in when developing new custom enterprise mobility solutions. We do this by treating the creation of an enterprise mobility system as a socio-technical problem impacting large numbers of people, including management, employees, customers, and society at large.

Float delivers fantastic products. They thoroughly research how they’ll approach an issue. It’s clear they have an excellent understanding of our audience, and they make informed choices because of that. The end result is a phenomenal design that’s easy to use.” – Erin Gibbens, president, Resonate Learning Consultants (program analyst directly supporting the U.S. Department of Defense as a mobile learning consultant working with interagency/international operational partners)

We are a best place to work, strengthened by our outstanding people. Our passion fuels us on a daily basis to make a positive and powerful impact to the world around us, our clients, our local community, and the world. We cultivate a culture of innovation, teamwork, and continuous improvement through our integrity, selflessness, and creativity. We share a bond to do things well, to do things right, and to overcome challenges. And we face all of it together as a team who collaborates, encourages, and supports each other.

Float’s culture and products are amazing. Since we started working with them in 2010, my company has become inspired by Float’s ability and desire to help us achieve what we want to do. They put a lot of heart and thought into making our projects a success.” – John B., senior manager of digital learning, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company


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A core pillar of Float is that we are a compassionate organization that serves others. We have picked two causes that align with our hearts and minds – youth and education, and safe water. We usually don’t meet those we help, but that doesn’t stop us from our desire to help others in need. Learn more about each of these projects that affect both our local and our worldwide communities.

Safe Water

Float and The Iona Group have collected more than 70,000 pairs of shoes since 2012 to help fund projects for safe water

Nearly 750 million people lack access to safe drinking water, according to a 2014 study released by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. As a result, Float co-sponsors a shoe drive every year to support WaterStep, a nonprofit organization that provides low-cost water treatment systems to disadvantaged communities and educates the public about the importance of safe water. The drive helps provide funding for WaterStep’s initiatives, supports merchants from around the world, and prevents and protects from health hazards. Since 2012, and with the help of the Central Illinois community, Float has donated more than 70,000 pairs of shoes to this worthwhile cause.

The funds generated by the shoes allows WaterStep to continue providing more people with access to clean water and sanitation through water treatment systems, health and hygiene education, and water transportation tools. So many good things happen when businesses and organizations dedicate themselves to a life-saving project like this.” – Jessi Gross, director of the Annual Fund for WaterStep

Youth and Education

Chad Udell presents new devices to Metamora Community Preschool

Float is rooted in education and learning. That’s why we’ve advocated for technology education and digital literacy by donating devices to local classrooms. First, we’ve donated several brand-new devices to Metamora Community Preschool so that students can begin learning these skills from a young age. Additionally, we’ve donated more than 10 devices we’ve retired from our testing pool to a local special-needs classroom. Nearly two dozen students in this classroom have various cognitive delays, autism, Down syndrome, and other disabilities. The devices, and the apps they use, help students to improve social skills for community walkabouts, log hours for vocational programs, and facilitate general classroom instruction and assignments. For example, the entrepreneurial students have recently opened a card business, and they use the laptops to enter and monitor orders, as well as track spending.

Our students learn so differently than other students, so having a variety of ways to teach a student is important. Curriculum is so expensive, and with technology changing so often, it is hard to keep up on the constant demands of our students. These iPads, apps, and tablets have been an amazing addition to our program and have taught our students so many great things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Float’s support for students with disabilities.” – Amber Henderson, special education teacher, Limestone Community High School