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  • Book

    Shock of the New

    Chad Udell and Gary Woodill create a new framework for anticipating emerging learning technologies, outlining six key perspectives you should consider with any new technology. Learn more.

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  • Book

    Learning Everywhere

    Float's Chad Udell demystifies the many choices involved in developing mobile learning content, and provides a framework of four content types that gives learning professionals a solid grounding in the exciting possibilities of mobile devices. Learn more.

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  • Book

    Mastering Mobile Learning

    Edited by Dr. Gary Woodill and Chad Udell, this book has been written over the last several years by Float’s team of designers, developers, and consultants.

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  • Research Paper

    A Framework For Emerging Technologies

    In the CHAMPIONS framework, Float and Qualcomm Learning Center help organizations embrace digital technologies to achieve amazing results.

  • White paper

    Work-Based Performance Support Systems

    Technology allows information an employee uses to be more targeted, collaborative, and creative. This white paper explores its potential.

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  • Reset 2020

    Evaluating Learning Ecosystem Technologies During the Pandemic
    September 25 @ 12:45pm
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  • DevLearn 2020

    Assembling Your AR Dream Team: Roles and Responsibilities for Success
    October 26 @ 9:00am – 9:45am
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  • ATD Virtual Conference

    Evaluating Emerging Technologies for Pandemic Performance and Learning
    October 29 @ 11:00am – 12:00pm
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