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Expert and Author Chad Udell Offers Mobile Learning and Content Strategy Guidance for Enterprises


Learning Everywhere by Chad UdellOnce the decision to “go mobile” has been made in a learning organization, at first glance it may seem as though the hardest decision has been made. Soon after this path is chosen, though, reality sets in. There are a lot of things to consider as you work to build your initial learning content for the many varieties of mobile devices. From strategy and design, to development, delivery and beyond, every step along the way is crucial to your success.

In Learning Everywhere, Chad Udell, a seasoned expert on mobile learning, demystifies the many choices involved in developing mobile learning content, and provides real-world experience on how to get down to the business of creating mobile learning. With an approachable and down-to-earth style, Chad gives the reader a wealth of detail. His goal is to explain mobile design and development to learning professionals in the context of creating best-of-breed mobile experiences, while leveraging superior user interface design and development techniques.

A framework of four content types gives instructional designers, learning developers, and managers a solid grounding in the exciting possibilities for learning using mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Focused on creating solutions that increase organizational performance no matter the content type or instructional need, this book is truly about “learning everywhere.”

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The book is a professionally produced 6×9″ hardback, 287 pages. ISBN 978-1-60544-017-0. Library of Congress Control Number: 2012939837. Released by RockBench Publishing Corp in concert with the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD).

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Learning Everywhere is also available through ASTD for $29.95, or $24.95 for members.


Comments and Praise for Learning Everywhere

“Chad Udell has written the next needed mobile book. He digs down deep into the technical details of analysis, implementation and delivery, with helpful examples. Readable, even playful prose makes his deep experience very accessible. Once you’ve got the vision and some clear ideas, and are ready to go from dream to do, this is the book for you.”
Clark Quinn, Quinnovation, author of “Designing mLearning”

“Reading this book is like having an authentic conversation with the author about building mobile learning. The best part is you get to have a conversation with a true master.”
Reuben Tozman, President of EdCetra Training

“Udell uses his extensive knowledge of the mobile ecosystem to help us swallow the ins and outs of what it takes to design effective mLearning. His guidelines, practical advice, and careful attention to the unique issues involved in developing for mobile devices deserves to become standard reading for any learning and development organization considering the move to mobile.”
Brandon Carson, M.Ed., Director of Training at Bill.com

“Whether you have a mobile learning strategy in place or you’re just starting to consider one, this book is an excellent guide and resource. Chad does a wonderful job painting a realistic picture of mobile design and development.”
Brian Dusablon, Learning Technology Consultant, Duce Enterprises

“With practical advice, insights and a healthy dose of humor from someone who has worked in the mobile-learning trenches, you’ll be sure to find the technical details, relevant examples, and clear explanations that will help make your mobile learning initiatives a success.”
Jennifer Neibert, President, Brushfire Learning